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Franklin started sustainability 30 years ago.

Showa Kobunshi Co., Ltd. (Securities code: 4214) launched a plastic frame made from corn, which has been challenging itself with groundbreaking new products since that time. The registered trademark is Naturally Yours .

I learned "Truly Yours," which is written at the end of the revised English/American letter as "Sincerely," and coined it.

Unfortunately, at that time, environmental issues were not as important as they are now, so we were scolded by the department stores we had business with and withdrew.

In March 2020, when lockdowns started in various parts of Asia earlier than in Japan due to the new coronavirus, we watched them struggle to secure their livelihoods at the branch office. I thought people would start to have completely different values.

Fashion is also important, and new products and new functions may be important for convenience. However, part-timers and full-time workers in each country were fired, and the entire town turned into a ghost town, creating an environment where people pursued the importance of having a drink instead of fashion.

We, Franklin, believe that a new form of ``survival area for people themselves'' is exactly the sustainability of life.

555 yen was proposed as one of the answers.


Unique statues of the world leaders who attended the G7 Summit held in Cornwall, UK from 11th to 13th June 2021 have appeared.

This is the art of discarded electronics, but our Franklin glasses set is brand new. (1555 yen excluding tax) In addition, the lenses that match the way you see now are also new, which you can replace with your favorite eyeglass frames. (555 yen excluding tax)

We always sell at a price that is barely profitable, so we are often scolded for being too cheap in the world.

When I took it to a physical department store or other online shopping site, I was scolded saying, "What do you think of me?" When I went to consult Mr. Jiro Iwaki (deceased), a senior in the industry, he told me that Mr. Franklin's glasses were toys.

While I was being scolded, I received support from HOYA, AMAZON, Yamato Transport, etc., and started running.



​ ~Pricing~

Favored by US government officials in the White House, Washington, USA, Franklin & Co. was founded in 1855 and expanded into Japan at the end of the 20th century. client※①Admiral Robert Peary, astronomer and aviator Samuel Langley, 16th President Abraham Lincoln, 17th President Andrew Johnson, 18th President Ulysses Simpson Grant, 19th President Rutherford Burchard Hayes, 21st There were many successive presidents of the United States, such as the 20th President Chaster Alan Unser, the 22nd and 24th President Stephen Glover Cleveland, and the 23rd President Benjamin Harrison. Among them, Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States who delivered the Gettysburg Address said, "Government of the people, by the people, for the people will never perish." represents.

At the head office, the owner of Franklin Opticians left a US dollar check signed and issued by Lincoln to pay for his favorite glasses, without cashing it. Thinking of the chaotic society during the Lincoln era, we decided to try to calm down the world's turmoil in 2020, and set the price at 555 yen, which is close to the price of glasses at that time.

Also, the cost of the glasses is RMB Yuan 8 (Chinese Yuan = 19 yen in Japanese yen) for the frame and around 200 yen for a pair of prescription lenses. More than enough for sale. (The frame was designed more than 2 years ago. A few years ago, the retail price of the frame was tens of thousands of yen.)

*(1) Other customers

Foreign Secretary James Blaine, Democratic House Majority Leader Champ Clarke, Rep. Thomas Reid, Astronomer Mucum Simon, Writer Francis Brethart Writer Grace Greenwood


Can you touch the eyeglass frames lined up in the shop?

At a typical eyewear store, the products on display are the eyeglass frames that customers use.

There is no guarantee that the disinfection is 100% perfect, depending on how many people have tried it and how many people have touched it until it reaches your hands.

Various people come to the store and there is a possibility that the staff may touch places that cannot be seen, and there is a limit to disinfecting the entire store so that customers can feel at ease. So now is the time to buy online.

In recent years, various famous eyewear stores sell high-tech and high-performance eyeglass frames, but what about that?

"Electromagnetic hypersensitivity" is a disease that about 3.0% to 6.0% of Japanese people are suffering.

Radio waves emitted from home appliances and mobile phones are said to cause headaches and skin symptoms. With high functionality and added value as the slogan, the use of eyeglass frames that incorporate many very strong sensors, parts and terminals that emit electrical communication can be thought of as sticking your head in a microwave oven.

I think it depends on the constitution of the individual, but we do not recommend it at our store.


We will do business honestly with our customers.

In the recent eyeglass retail industry, some retailers offer quick service such as 15 minutes or 30 minutes until completion, but we believe that this should not be done.

It goes without saying that if it is fully automated, it will be finished in that amount of time, but the reliability of machine-sharpening eyeglass lenses and fitting them into eyeglass frames is about 70%, and 0.7 per eye x 0.7 per eye = less than 50%. I will wear glasses. I think that it is only because of the coordinating functions of the human eye and brain that we are able to see things because we feel safe because we have done it with a machine. It takes a little more time than usual to make sure that the frame and lenses are carefully handmade and delivered to the customer with close to 100% trust.

We recommend that you get a prescription from an ophthalmologist who is trusted by you, even for lens power.

There may be places where retail store staff do the inspection, but are the inspection staff at the store really clerk who can understand your real life and daily life? Glasses are a part of your body. We also recommend that you get a prescription from an ophthalmologist.

Since processing is done manually, please allow an error of +-0.125, axis degree of 5 degrees, and PD 2.0.

In terms of lens types, there are various value-added products on the market, but do customers really need them?


As for the cost of our products, eyeglass frames cost about 150 yen, and a pair of eyeglass lenses costs about 200 yen. and the cost of

Branded glasses that you are all familiar with are not much different, but when they hit stores, they are priced at around 30,000 to 50,000 yen.

There are many people who like famous brands, but do you need expensive eyeglass frames?

These days, there are not many people who have about 10 pairs of glasses by themselves. Each room of the house, kitchen, toilet, etc. are placed everywhere. Those who put it in each bag they have so as not to leave it behind. How to change your glasses to match your clothes. There are various uses such as those who change glasses according to their hobbies.

We strive to ensure that our customers can shop safely and securely so that they can always use the glasses that match their prescriptions, and we will do our best to please our customers.


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