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About the shape of eyeglass frames

The impression changes greatly depending on the shape of the front (front frame) part of the eyeglass frame.
​Introducing six main shapes.

Wellington type

A classic eyeglass frame.

It is a popular shape among men and women of all ages.

​ I think it will suit any face shape. When in doubt, you can choose this one.


Boston type

classic eyeglass frames

With a slightly rounded and soft impression, it is suitable for both men and women.

Recently, it is supported by the younger generation.

​I think it will suit people with long faces and those with a base type.


Oval type

The oval design gives a soft impression. Many of them are relatively small and have an elegant impression.

​ If you have a base or square face, it will give a gentle impression.


Square type

​ A square and wide type shape.

It is said to have the effect of making the face look sharp. Recommended for those who are concerned about the roundness of the face.

​I think it will suit people with long or round faces.


round type

Although it is not a perfect circle, it is almost a perfect circle. "round glasses"

It will be glasses with a gentle image and a unique image.

​Recommended for those with a base or square face.


Fox type

It will be a spectacle frame with raised eye corners.

It is said that it has the effect of tightening the face with a fairly sharp impression.

​ Recommended for people with round faces.

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